Ventilation products

Heat, moisture and stagnant air are the worst that can happen to a greenhouse. They are a source of plant pests and disease. Therefore, good ventilation is required to ensure the infusion of fresh air into the greenhouse.

The temperature of the plants is about six degrees higher than the ambient air temperature in the greenhouse. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce the temperature and shade the plants in the summer, because otherwise they will get “scorched”. For instance, tomatoes will stay green if exposed to a temperature over 35 C.

To prevent this, Juliana has developed a series of products that make it easier to optimise your greenhouse ventilation. All these products fit Juliana’s greenhouse models.

Below you will find Juliana’s range of airing-out and ventilation products that help to keep your greenhouse healthy. All of the products fit Juliana’s greenhouse models, as well as most other types in the market.

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