Products for protecting your plants

When seasons change, various factors must be considered to protect your plants from the adverse effects of the climate surrounding your greenhouse. Below you will find Juliana greenhouse accessories that will help you well on your way to a healthier indoor climate during these periods.

If your greenhouse is glazed with glass and you want to get off to an early start in the spring, you will need insulation. For this purpose, we recommend Juliana bubble-pack sheets which insulate but at the same time still allow light to get to the plants. If your greenhouse is covered with polycarbonate glazing, you can supplement its insulating effect with bubble-pack sheets to cut down on heating costs.

If you have plants that will spend the winter in the greenhouse, it is essential to insulate the greenhouse; otherwise it would be expensive to heat. If necessary, use the bubble-pack sheets to partition the greenhouse to keep from heating more cubic metres than necessary. You can even make a small “tent” around plants that need protection from frost.

In the summer, you must be aware of preventing the sun from being hard on your plants, because in an unprotected greenhouse they can become scorched. This is especially true of glass greenhouses, whereas a greenhouse covered with polycarbonate glazing is better protected. Shade nets are the preferred choice for greenhouse protection. Another option is shade paste.

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