Urban life is sprouting in the new small city greenhouses

First published on January the 15th 2019

Being able to grow chilies, tomatoes and herbs on just a few square feet in the city, has become popular. Consequently, the Danish greenhouse manufacturer Juliana has made a few more options for the urban citizens who have green fingers.

Two seasons ago Juliana Greenhouses A/S launched their first model in their Urban series, that is the model City Greenhouse. Now the family is expanding with two new members – Urban Balcony and Urban Vertical. The series offers nice opportunities to decorate a balcony, roof terrace or courtyard, so the small space is utilized in the best way possible. In this way you can experience the joy of cultivating your own food while living in the city.


The Urban Balcony is meant for hanging on a wall or on the balcony’s rail, both fittings come with the greenhouse. As all the models in the series, Balcony is made from light black lacquered aluminium profiles and 0.16 inches toughened safety glass.


The Urban Vertical is free-standing and offers the opportunity to cultivate in the bottom part, while planting in the integrated flower box. On the top part is a small espalier, to hang gardening tools. The small wooden table can be used as a worktop to chop herbs for the food you might be preparing on the grill.


The two new models are in stock from February the 1st. See more on Greenhouses.com