Tealights in the greenhouse – that’s a cosy atmosphere

First published on March the 9th 2020

If your greenhouse is used as a conservatory, you can create a warm atmosphere in the greenhouse with candle lights in the dark hours.


Juliana has developed a candle holder, which gives a nice warm atmosphere in the greenhouse. The candle holder fits into all Juliana and Halls models and can also be attached in most greenhouses from other manufacturers. The candle holder consists of a glass and a unique metal ring, that is easily fitted to the greenhouse profiles, thereby you will also made use of the height of the house.


At a price of £24.00 you get two candle holders that can be fitted in most greenhouses. With the candle holder you are able to create a cosy atmosphere in the greenhouse in the dark hours.


The candle holder set is a nice hostess gift or gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day. It can be bought on Greenhouses.com, where you can also find other greenhouse accessories.