New Juliana accessories – Juliana rainwater butt and capillary watering-box planter

First published on January the 3rd 2015

Juliana Greenhouses has developed a rainwater butt which can be integrated in your greenhouse. When saving water, it is both good for the environment and your wallet.


Most rainwater butts are not very pretty. That is why Juliana has designed a rainwater butt, which is both functional and nice to look at. The butt holds 100 litres of water and is a nice supplement when irrigating plants both inside and outside the greenhouse. Further it has a practical tap so you can fill a watering can with just the amount of water you need.


With the rainwater butt comes fittings so it easily can be attached to your Juliana greenhouse. The price of a Juliana rainwater butt is £366.99


A capillary box is an excellent invention which helps keeping tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse alive, but it is not very pretty.  


A tomato or cucumber plant needs a lot of water; hence a capillary box is very functional. You can find many ways to hide the white box, but Juliana’s design is unique, and the Danish company has found a way to hide the top part of the box as well.


The capillary watering-box planter is made from aluminium profiles and steel plates at the factory in Denmark. The price of a Juliana capillary watering-box planter is £306.00