New design for an old greenhouse brand

First published on January the 11th 2019

In connection with the launch of an entirely new and unique greenhouse of the Halls series, Juliana Greenhouses A/S has chosen to redesign the graphic design of the Halls brand.


The new logo and the graphic profile in full is created in collaboration with the Danish architect and designer Louise Helmersen, who from the Danish island Fyn is running her own practice.


“Louise Helmersen and Juliana have worked together for many years”, says Nikolaj Stærmose the CEO of Juliana Greenhouses A/S, “so it was natural that we contacted Louise, when we wanted to revitalize the world’s oldest greenhouse brand.”


The new logo has a purity which appeals to the modern consumer, and at the same time there is no doubt in which products are sold. In addition, Nikolaj Stærmose says it has been important not to sell old wine in new skins, hence the graphic design is changing along with the launch of the revolutionary Halls Qube. The new greenhouse model is developed by the Danish greenhouse manufacturer itself and it has a number of functional and aesthetic features which will revitalize the brand and product portfolio. See more Halls products here.