Juliana Oase – a quadratic pearl in the garden

First published on January the 19th 2016

Juliana is for the first time ever launching a greenhouse which combines cultivating and lounging. The Juliana Oase is the ideal outdoor room for the quality conscious hedonist.

Grow lemon balm and courgette, while leaning back in a comfortable chair with a nice book. The new Oase from Juliana is designed for both parts. This is the greenhouse where you practice calmness and cultivation.

“Greenhouses are experiencing a shift from being a house where people solely cultivate tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs in pots and growbags, to a room where people to an equal extend lounge in soft chairs with the family – that is a room where the family can rest and recuperate”, says Nikolaj Stærmose, CEO of Juliana Greenhouses A/S.

Perfect indoor climate but outside.

It is the first time Juliana launches a greenhouse with the purpose of combining vegetable cultivation and the summerhouse atmosphere. The quadratic shape makes it easy to decorate, and with a height of 3.3 feet the Oasis has the feeling of an outdoor room. The double stable door makes it easy to enter both with or without a wheelbarrow, and it creates a large opening directly to the garden on warm summer days. Moreover, the functional roof ventilation provides a nice and stable indoor climate in the house.

The Juliana Oase is a robust 12x12 feet house with a strong Juliana profile construction. It appears elegant and modern. The greenhouse has two windows in the ends and has two varieties of colour; black/aluminium and black/anthracite. The Oasis has 0.12 inches large toughened glass, which makes the house look aesthetic and in its own league. Finally, you can purchase a black lacquered steel foundation which makes it easy to assemble the greenhouse.