Juliana Lean-To – a new greenhouse leaning against a wall

First published on January the 3rd 2015

A greenhouse leaning against a wall has the special ability to keep the greenhouse warm for many hours after the sun has set, as it stores the heat during the sunny hours. Both plants and humans can benefit from that.


The Danish company Juliana Greenhouses A/S is launching a new greenhouse that leans against a wall, and it has gotten the name Juliana Lean-To. The model is available in three sizes: 47.4 ft2, 105.5 ft2 and 138.9 ft2. You can choose between two varieties of colour: black/aluminium and black/anthracite. It is the doors, windows and fittings that are black lacquered on both variants.


The Juliana Lean-To has 0.12 inches toughened glass on all sides and 0.4 inches white polycarbonate on the roof. The roof pitch is 11 degrees. The greenhouse should be attached directly to a house wall or an eaves. If attached to an eaves you have to close off the open side yourself.


On the facade of the Juliana Lean-To greenhouse you can see one of the characteristics of Juliana’s greenhouses, that is the double stable door. The wide doorway and low doorstep make an easy entry to the greenhouse with both wheelbarrow and wheelchair.


The Juliana Lean-To comes with a 1.6 inch downpipe and a large gutter. In both gables of the greenhouse is a window which secures a nice ventilation.