Juliana is launching a great new multifunctional greenhouse

First published on March the 9th

In the new 2020 catalogue from the Danish greenhouse manufacturer, Juliana, you’ll find this year’s innovation the Grand Oase of 202 square feet. The new model is 12x16 feet and is like all other Juliana greenhouses made at the factory in Odense, Denmark.

The new member of the Juliana family appeals to the garden owners who love space. It is made for those families who wants a room in the garden where there is space enough to both grow herbs, chilies and tomatoes, and lounge with good friends on a Saturday night, even though it rains and is chilly.

Juliana Grand Oase of 202 ft2 is the latest shoot on the branch. The greenhouse comes in anthracite and black aluminium profiles, with longitudinal toughened glass. The sides have a height of 6.3 feet and the entire greenhouse of 10 feet, which create an amazing sense of space. Further the Grand Oase of 202 ft2 has all the nice functionalities as other Juliana products. That is, the hinged stable doors with a lowered doorstep, the gutter with tilt brackets, and the elegant lockable door handle.

The greenhouse comes in two versions. The classic version with glass from top to bottom and a version where the glass has been shortened to make room for a dwarf wall. For the second version, Juliana offers a modular solution for the dwarf wall, so you don’t have to hire a bricklayer. The modules are made from galvanised steel profiles, boarded with fibre cement slabs. The customer can then choose to board the fibre cement slabs with wood or bricks. You can also plaster or paint them, or keep them as is. This way the customer can design their own greenhouse.

Juliana Grand Oase is shipped directly from the factory in Odense, Denmark. Get inspired on Greenhouses.com