Juliana Group turns 60 years old

In the beginning of the 1960s, Juliana’s founder lost his job and therefore had no way of providing for his little family of five. This led to Mogens A. Stærmose founding the company that today is called Juliana Group, which turns 60 years old this year.   


The company, that has its headquarters next to the highway going through the Danish island of Funen, started under modest conditions at Blichersvej in Odense. The family lived at the same address and in the basement, room was made for the company to pull strings on rotary airers. ‘’The children helped’’ Bo Stærmose remembers, who in 1983 bought the company from his father and completed the first of two generational changes in the company’s history 

Thirty years later another generational change happened, when the current owner and day-to-day manager Nikolaj Stærmose took over the company. You can roughly divide Juliana’s history into three phases’’, Nikolaj Stærmose explains. The first phase is the entrepreneurial phase, where the product assortment, production, and a Danish trading network was established. Then came the international phase, where Juliana established itself on the export market with sales companies in Germany, Great Britain, and the United States of America. It was Bo Stærmose who was leading that amazing growth journey. The third phase is about digitalization. There are many internal processes and the integration with big chain customers, as well as the commercial digitalization, where Juliana started working with the big local development company Hesehus 


A focus on the core of the company  

Today the company has two pillars, where greenhouses and orangeries make up 90 % of the sales. The last 10 % come from mailboxes for private residences, for both private homes and apartment buildings. ‘’We have no plans of expanding our product range’’, Nikolaj Stærmose explains, who believes in a continuing growth potential in both product areas. ‘’For every mailbox there is a considerable export potential, and the greenhouses fit nicely into today’s megatrends, that are all about the good life, local cultivation, and a relaxing room in the garden, and can room many activities with family and friends’’, Nikolaj Stærmose explains, who, with his university degree in history, had an untraditional way into the business world.  

We help people grow!  

This statement both reflects Juliana’s wish towards the world and into the company, as Juliana wants to help both greenhouse customers and Juliana employees to grow, as humans or with cultivating tomatoes, cucumbers, chili, or however the greenhouse is used for. The greenhouse is a climate screen, which can create a subtropical climate in our tempered climate zones. In that way, we under the northern skies, also get the opportunity to be outside while we are inside all year around. Luckily, many people are aware of the benefits of a greenhouse, and a lot of them are active in our online community on Greenhouseforum.com, which has been run by Juliana for many years. It is a place, where you can share your passion with others, ask our experts for advice and get inspiration for your greenhouse and garden.  

For more information visit www.juliana.com