Juliana dwarf wall makes a solid base for the greenhouse

First published on January the 9th 2019

The Danish greenhouse manufacturer Juliana launches in 2019 two new greenhouse models that should be attached to a dwarf wall. These models are for the aesthete who loves a romantic greenhouse or orangery. Moreover, Juliana has designed a modular based dwarf wall as an alternative to the bricked solution.

Last year Juliana had great success with the new Grand Oase, so this model is now launching with the opportunity to attach to a dwarf wall, as well as the large popular Juliana Premium. Both models are 126 square feet and have an amazing height, so there is enough space to take care of both you and your plants.  

Juliana Premium is the classic greenhouse with the entrance placed in the gable, whereas Grand Oase has a hip roof and the entrance is placed in the long side. Both models are with lacquered profiles (black/anthracite) and 0.12 inches toughened longitudinal glass.

It might be a more expensive solution to get the dwarf wall bricked up if you can’t do it yourself. That is why Juliana has designed a modular based solution which is an easier and cheaper alternative. The modules are made from galvanized steel profiles and covered with fibre cement slabs. The customer can then choose to cover the fibre cement slabs with wood or bricks. You can also plaster the slabs, paint them or just keep them as is. In this way customers can make their own unique greenhouse.

The two new greenhouse models and the modular based dwarf wall are available from January the 1st 2019.