In the time of Corona, greenhouses are creating a place to meet and enjoy dinner

First published on June the 30th 2020

In the first days of May social media was filled with photos from a new type of restaurant in Amsterdam. The Corona crisis has challenged all restaurants and they have to think innovative. Traditional restaurants have changed into take away spots. And indoor dinner has had to be moved outside in order to keep the recommended distance.


The pictures from the Netherlands have inspired the Danish food company Meyers, and as the atmosphere has spread online, Meyers has contacted Juliana Greenhouses A/S who love the idea of outdoor dining rooms as a place to meet and enjoy dinner.


The greenhouses are delivered by the Danish greenhouse company Juliana Greenhouses A/S who, despite their busyness with delivering greenhouses to all the Danes who are sent home from work, could not say no to the idea.


We have through many years experienced a change in the functionality of greenhouses, and the purpose of a greenhouse is now much more than just growing tomatoes and cucumbers. It is amazing to see how the greenhouse works as a restaurant now,” says Nikolaj Stærmose, who is third-generation owner and CEO of Juliana Greenhouses A/S.


He continues: “Being able to sit inside, while still being outside is what is great about greenhouses, not only for plants but for humans too, and many are realizing that now.”


Dinner greenhouses


Juliana and Meyers have put up 12 dinner greenhouses in Copenhagen. The greenhouses are not only safe in regard to the danger of infection, they are also an aesthetic and fun way to steer clear of the Corona virus.


The 12 small greenhouses have black powder painted profiles and are of the model Halls Qube 66 of 42 square meters. 4 people can fit in the greenhouse for dinner and the design is inspired by industrial glass constructions, that is, a stringent and light construction with strong aluminum profiles as the bearing part of the construction.