Grow in glass on your balcony or in your atrium

First published on May the 30th 2016

Space is no hurdle if you wish to grow your own chilies, herbs and cherry tomatoes. The new City Greenhouse from the Danish manufacturer Juliana Greenhouses A/S is the solution.


As most people living in the city do not have a garden, it made sense for Juliana to develop a product that makes it possible for people in apartments to cultivate. With a focus on balconies Juliana has designed a new balcony greenhouse, which allows the balcony to provide fresh vegetables and herbs.


Besides a unique design in beautiful black lacquered profiles and 0.16 inches thick toughened glass, the City Greenhouse has a number of nice details. In the front the two sliding doors provides easy access to the special shelves, in where you can pour water, so basil and thyme are always irrigated. Further, there are three practical hooks where you can hang gardening tools and gloves. In the bottom is designed a small storeroom, which can be used for germination. It is even possible to remove the wooden slats which separate the top and bottom room. You can then fit in a large cucumber plant.


City Greenhouse is made at the Juliana factory in Odense, Denmark, and is on the market from week 16. The price is £499.00. You can find more information here.