Grand luxury for the garden from Juliana Greenhouses

First published on February the 9th 2019

A new roof construction and entrance in the side. Juliana’s new greenhouse Grand Oase is meeting the customers’ demand for a unique outdoor room, where both radish and the nice life can sprout.

This year’s news from Juliana Greenhouses A/S is the Grand Oase, which makes room for the family to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables, and nice moments in each other’s company. The house is created on the basis of the increasing demand for a greenhouse that is an aesthetic room for the family’s outdoor life in early spring and late autumn.

“The Grand Oase is a result of Juliana rethinking the greenhouse and adding a unique roof construction. Further we have put the double stable door in the long side, which makes the sense of space unique when entering the greenhouse,” says Nikolaj Stærmose, the CEO of Juliana Greenhouses A/S.

Juliana already has an Oasis in their assortment – a unique quadratic greenhouse that comes in two sizes. With the Grand Oasis Juliana has made the Oase longer and created a house with a wall height of approximately 6.6 feet. The roof’s pyramid shaped construction offers a number of opportunities. You can easily divide the greenhouse in two – one end for cultivating and one for lounging, and with easy access to both. The Grand Oase is the perfect outdoor room for the active family.

Make the nice moments grow

Today a greenhouse is more than a place just for the family to cultivate vegetables. That is why the Danish company has a focus on creating greenhouse solutions where aesthetics and functionality come together.

“We thrive to meet the customers’ needs and wishes, and we need to acknowledge that a greenhouse has become more than just a room where the family grows lettuce and herbs. More people are using their greenhouse as a conservatory and wants a greenhouse with enough space to bring the garden inside along with the aesthetic of the main house,” says Nikolaj Stærmose.