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Greenhouse life is the sum of seeing its efforts grow, germinate and spread. Outside the greenhouse, it happens to a large extent on social media. On Juliana's social media, we share #greenhousepleasures #greenhouselife and #starmoments.


On Instagram, we engage in life in and around the greenhouse. We share our pictures and repost pictures, stories, and reels under the hashtag #GreenhouseMoments, and #starmoments from Instagram accounts from both home and abroad.

Follow our profile @juliana_greenhousecentre and share your pictures with #MyJuliana or #JulianaGreenhouse to share your greenhouse experience with others with the same passion. Simultaneously you can find pictures of our greenhouse models using #JulianaOase #JulianaPremium and #JulianaOrangeri etc.

We look forward to seeing how your greenhouse creates #StarMoments



On Juliana’s YouTube channel, you will find inspirational videos and help to get the most out of your greenhouse. For instance, you will find videos that guide you on how to assemble your greenhouse and how to use our greenhouse accessories. You can also join us in our everyday life at the factory in Odense, in our Greenhouse Center showrooms and at the subsidiaries in England and Germany.

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Our profile on Pinterest @Juliana_Drivhuse is our virtual ‘notice board’ with pictures of our greenhouse model. You will also find boards with inspiration on how to create the right light in your greenhouse, what to consider when choosing floors, and ideas on how to use your greenhouse in alternative ways. Be inspired by our ‘notice boards’ and pin the pictures you want to save.

We update our boards continuously with new pictures when we come across something inspirational that will help create better greenhouse experiences.
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Juliana Drivhuse A/S' LinkedIn profile is for those who want to keep up with the business side of greenhouse life. We invite you into our organization and introduce you to our new colleagues, vacancies, and business news.

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Our UK webshop and UK showroom run the Facebook page Greenhouses.com. Here we talk about activities in the greenhouse centre in UK and on the webshop, and we share inspiration, advice and guidance for the extensive journey through your greenhouse purchase. Here we help you find the right greenhouse for you and your garden, and when you want to supply your greenhouse with new accessories, we share ideas and instructions.
We Help People Grow.