Juliana Premium

Juliana has had a Premium series for years, and it is renowned for unrivalled quality compared to other hobby greenhouses. Now this already elegant model has been further enhanced and furnished with a number of features as described on the preceding pages.

The new Premium comes in three sizes: 8.8 m², 10.9 m² and 13.0 m² and in two different colours: aluminium and anthracite grey. The doors, windows and assembly fittings of both models are powder-coated black. This gives the greenhouse a distinctive character and beautiful overall impression.

The new Juliana series is available with two different types of glazing: 3 mm full-length toughened glass and 10 mm polycarbonate glazing. This provides plenty of options for customising and adapting the greenhouse to meet individual needs.


Width: 2.96 m.

Length: 2.96 m.

Eaves: 1.72 m. *

* Including 12 cm. base

Ridge: 2.67 m. *

* Including 12 cm. base

Double hinged stable door: Yes

Gutter with tilt function: Yes

Roof prepared for decorations: Yes

Possibility of safety glass: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Made in Denmark: Yes

Low doorstep: Yes

Number of windows: 2 pcs.

Number of downspouts: 4 pcs.

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