Juliana Orangeri

Growing minds

A Juliana Orangeri provides a unique space in your garden that can be used as both a traditional greenhouse and a place for relaxing where you can enjoy being outdoors, even in poor weather.
The air and fragrances from the plants provide well-being and renewed energy. You can furnish your orangeri with tables and chairs, and still have plenty of space left for a satisfying work area when you potter about with your plants.

Juliana Orangeri is available in grey/black, and comes with 3 mm safety glass. A powder-coated black steel base is available as an extra acquisition making it easier to install the greenhouse.

Photos from customers
Item no.: F09955
  • Width: 4.39 m.
  • Length: 2.96 m.
  • Cubic Metre: 34.0m³
  • Eaves: 1.75 m. *
  • * Including 12 cm. base

  • Ridge: 2.67 m. *
  • * Including 12 cm. base

  • Double hinged stable door: Yes
  • Gutter with tilt function: Yes
  • Roof prepared for decorations: Yes
  • Possibility of safety glass: Yes
  • Door handles with lock: Yes
  • Made in Denmark: Yes
  • Low doorstep: Yes
  • Number of windows: 4 pcs.
  • Number of downspouts: 6 pcs.
Choose color and glazing
Choose color and glazing