Juliana Oasis

The Juliana Oasis is for those seeking a unique highceilinged garden room. It provides space for unfurling and room for creativity. Experiment with herbs in pots or with clusters of grapes. Pick melons, lemons and kiwis while creating a lovely atmosphere. Or create your own space for reflection.

The sky is the limit in this oasis oozing with atmosphere. In a Juliana Oasis, aesthetics and functionality converge in perfect harmony and will fulfill your gardening dreams for years to come. Let your soul take root and enjoy your budding vegetables.


Width Metric: 2.96 m.

Length metric: 2.96 m.

Eaves: 1.92 m. *

* Including 12 cm. base

Ridge: 2.79 m. *

* Including 12 cm. base

Double hinged stable door: Yes

Gutter with tilt function: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Made in Denmark: Yes

Low doorstep: Yes

Number of windows: 2 pcs.

Number of downspouts: 4 pcs.

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