Juliana CityGreenhouse

We are moving into town, replacing our bungalows with modern apartments and town houses. We are attracted by modern urban life with its oases and squares where we can relax and enjoy the now.

We are also integrating oases into the layout of these modern apartments. The balcony has become our new multi-purpose space – no longer just somewhere to set aside buckets or boxes. The balcony has become a relaxing space where we can enjoy ourselves. It has become our garden aloft.

Juliana City Greenhouse is your opportunity to grow your own herbs, flowers or fruits. It gives you the option of pursuing your interest in gardening and greening your fingers, even if you no longer live at street level.

Juliana City Greenhouse can be placed against a wall or stand apart on the balcony. Or it can be moved around, depending on where and how you want to use your balcony greenhouse. Wherever you put it, you can pursue the pleasurable experience of growing your own herbs and spices. The included shelves are easy to take into the kitchen or put directly on the dining table.

Juliana City Greenhouse combines black aluminium profiles, toughened glass, shelves and cedar dividers – all for you to admire as you replenish your soul with early spring sunshine wrapped in a blanket – or enjoy the warmth of a summer’s evening.

Juliana City Greenhouse will definitely be a topic of conversation on the balcony and the focal point of your daily gardening therapy at the same time.


Width Metric: 0.4 m.

Length metric: 0.8 m.

Eaves: 1.39 m.

Ridge: 1.58 m.

Made in Denmark: Yes

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