Products that facilitate growth in the greenhouse

Greenhouse plants need lots of water and fertiliser. Just one tomato plant “drinks” six to eight litres of water a day during the peak growing season. So, unless you want to water the plants manually, you must install running water in the greenhouse, or use a long water hose.

Another option is to install an automatic watering and fertilising system to make sure that the plants receive just the right amount of water.

Nowadays water costs money, whereas everything that falls from the sky is free. If you choose a greenhouse model that does not have downpipes as a standard accessory, it is possible to buy them for collecting rainwater.

Greenhouse plants must obviously be watered regularly to stay healthy and nourished. Problems often arise when the owner goes on holiday during peak season, i.e., when plants require the most water. In other situations, forgetfulness can cost the lives of your plants as well.

To solve this problem and to exploit the greenhouse’s capacity to collect rainwater, Juliana provides the products below.

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