Products for creating heat

It is very important to keep the temperature inside the greenhouse under control. During the winter and early spring, plants run a high risk of being damaged by frost if left unattended.

A thermometer is an indispensable aid for correctly regulating the temperature. When combined with the aid of the greenhouse heaters and insulation (see the “Protection” category), the most important steps have been taken towards prolonging the greenhouse growing season.

A soil thermometer is a good help for determining when to transplant your plants. Some plants require a specific soil temperature before absorbing nutrients. For instance, a tomato plant requires a soil temperature of 16°C, while a cucumber plant requires 18°C to absorb nutrients.

Tomato and cucumber plants are often sold in the month of April. At this time of year, the soil is far from being warm enough, so if you transplant them at this time, you will have to buy new plants again.

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