Greenhouse Forum

Be a part of the greenhouse community – it’s free to join.

The Juliana Greenhouse Forum is a community for all of us who love greenhouses. The Forum is here to help you get started and expand your use of the greenhouse, so you get the most out of your greenhouse life.

The Greenhouse Forum consists of a website and newsletters. You can join to the extent that suits you. We hope you will enjoy the Forum.

The website has a large number of articles and blog posts about greenhouses and greenhouse life. On the site, you will find a greenhouse calendar that will help you monthly, with the seasonal doings in the garden and greenhouse. The site also has a column where the Greenhouse Forum’s garden experts and bloggers answer your specific questions.

The Greenhouse Forum sends out newsletters. In the newsletters, you will find inspiration for the greenhouse life, expert advice, competitions, discount codes etc. Sign up for newsletters here.

Since 2010, Juliana Greenhouses has been behind the Greenhouse Forum. The idea of the digital forum is that all greenhouse owners can gather around their common interest. It is the digital way to have “the talk over the hedge” with neighbours, family or friends, and exchange experiences about big and small concerning cultivation and the use of a greenhouse. The Greenhouse Forum wants to share and communicate all our knowledge about greenhouses and gardens to the many garden and greenhouse owners in the world.