2019 News

Put the dream on SOLID GROUND



It is becoming more and more popular to put the greenhouse on walls. The solid ground gives your greenhouse a more exclusive look and adds to the experience of an established room in your garden.

Juliana has developed a system of modules so you easily can put your Juliana greenhouse on walls.

The greenhouses on walls will be produced with shortened profiles so the bottom of the greenhouse will be established with a solid part. This solution is offered for the Juliana Grand Oasis and the Juliana Premium model.

You can build a semi-wall as fundament for your greenhouse but the new developed model-system gives you the opportunity to cover the bottom part with a coating after your desire, so you can create a more personal room in your garden.

A greenhouse on the wall is the ideal place to create extra space and memories in the garden.





For many, the greenhouse dream has been built over many years. Many people think that their greenhouse should stand on a fixed edge – either of bricks, wood or plastered concrete.

With the new modules from Juliana you can easily get your Juliana greenhouse on the wall.

You can build a brick wall in which the greenhouse is mounted. As an alternative Juliana has developed modules that can be the bottom of your greenhouse.

The modules can be covered with wood or plastered or a shell wall can be applied.

This is a way for you to give your greenhouse exactly the look and finish that fits into your garden – and then your dream greenhouse can be a space where you can create your star moments.


Make star memories in the garden