Always build on a solid base


We always recommend that you buy an original Juliana base

It is important to place your greenhouse on a strong, stable base firmly anchored in the ground. Many insurance companies will only provide storm loss insurance if the greenhouse is attached to a base cast in concrete.

We advise you to talk with your insurance company about what type of base-and-greenhouse set-up your insurance covers to make sure you are properly insured in the event of storm loss/damage. You can choose to cast a base completely in concrete, which is very demanding. It is also possible to make a base out of pressure-treated wood.

We always recommend that you buy an original Juliana base, comprising precisely pre-cut 12-cm-high galvanised steel frames. The base sections are easy to assemble on the anchor legs included with the base. Not only is this type of base sufficiently anchored, but it is also easy to make. A base-assembly guide is available under Help & Support.