Glass VS polycarbonate for the greenhouse


Nowadays, glass is the most widely used glazing by far

When choosing the type of glazing for your greenhouse, there are two basic choices: clear glass or semi-transparent polycarbonate sheets. One benefit of polycarbonate is the thermal insulation effect created by air ducts in the sheets, which protects against frost at the beginning and end of the season.

Polycarbonate also diffuses light, which reduces the need for shading. Most Juliana models are available with 10 mm polycarbonate sheets. Nowadays, glass is the most widely used glazing by far, primarily for aesthetic reasons. Glass is available as either traditionally sectioned greenhouse glass or as full-length toughened glass.

The last-mentioned is far and away the most elegant and is also much stronger than ordinary glass. Also, on impact, toughened glass shatters into tiny pieces, whereas ordinary glass breaks into large shards, with a higher risk of getting cut.