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Good to know before you select your greenhouse

In the Greenhouse Forum you find inspirational horticultural articles, including an article on what to consider before purchasing a greenhouse.


Quality is crucial for Juliana – before, during and after your purchase. For years, we have been delivering solidly built greenhouses suited to the Scandinavian climate, particularly to withstand the prevailing wind velocities and volumes of snow.

The secret of our greenhouses’ strength is the aluminium frame, and we cut no corners in this respect: we make sure that our greenhouses have all the extra strength they need. In spite of these features, it is still important for users to provide extra reinforcement for their greenhouses when stormy or snowy weather is approaching.

 After purchasing your greenhouse from one of our retailers/dealers, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase, and you will also be notified before the product arrives.

Our standard products in stock are delivered within eight working days – direct from our factory in Odense, where the greenhouse is made. This minimises the risk of damage in transit, while reducing the environmental impact.

 Juliana’s greenhouses are designed as do-it-yourself products, where the user must follow the detailed assembly instructions to the letter. For a surcharge, it is also possible to have the greenhouse assembled by technicians authorised by Juliana Drivhuse.

Our Terms of Sale and Supply provide further details about paying to have your greenhouse assembled.

 We seek to uphold a high level of service tailored to customer expectations. This means that we provide advice and guidance before you buy, and you are also welcome to phone our Customer Service if you need guidance during the assembly process.

We take pride in being able to deliver spare parts for our products for years to come, if the need arises. This gives you, the consumer, peace of mind.

 Working in your own greenhouse is a particularly eco-friendly pastime, not only because the greenhouse, made of aluminium and glass, is almost completely recyclable – as both the aluminium and glass can be remelted – but also because cultivating your own plants ensures the shortest distance from “producer to consumer”. Our wooden greenhouses are made solely of certified wood. In addition, we support the environment financially, as exemplified by our ten-year sponsorship of the WWF’s whale shark project. Further details on wwf.com

 We believe in the quality of our products and we wish to give the consumer even more peace of mind. That is why we provide a twelve-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Our assembly manuals provide a detailed description of what our warranty does and does not cover.

Your greenhouse will take care of itself – almost! Previously, owning a greenhouse required lots of attention, because the windows had to be opened as soon as the temperature rose, and the plants had to be watered several times a day during the growing season. With all the types of greenhouse accessories available today, including our range of accessories, a greenhouse can take care of itself, even during the summer holidays, by virtue of automatic window openers and automatic watering systems.

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