- 08. august 2017 -

1. Where can I find the assembly instructions for my greenhouse?

You can find all the latest, up-to-date assembly instructions for all Juliana and Halls greenhouses under “Help & Support” > “Assembly instructions”.

If you need assembly instructions for older or obsolete models, please contact customer service either by phoning +45 6611 1811 or by writing to customer service (details at the bottom of this page).


2. Who should I contact in the event of storm damage?

In the event of storm damage to your Juliana or Halls greenhouse, we recommend that you first contact your insurance company for an estimate of the damage and to clarify any conditions of cover.

Then get in touch with a Juliana retailer/dealer who will be able to help you replace your greenhouse.


3. What is the best way to store my greenhouse if I will not be erecting it immediately?

All packages, including packages containing glass or polycarbonate, must be stored in a dry, safe place.


 4. How do I order spare parts for my Juliana greenhouse?

To order spare parts for Juliana or Halls greenhouses, please complete the form on the current page.

In “Reason for contact”, please select the option “I want to order spare parts” and then follow the instructions carefully so that we can best help to process your order without unnecessary delays.

If you are in doubt about which spare parts you need or if they are available for your greenhouse, you are more than welcome to phone customer service on tel.: +45 66 11 18 11.


5. How can I buy more glass

If you need glazing for your greenhouse, you can order it and have it cut to size by your local glazier.

Some Juliana retailers/dealers also facilitate buying glass and having it cut to size.

For long panes of toughened glass either 3 mm or 4 mm thick, you have the option of ordering direct from Juliana Drivhuse A/S.

Please complete the form at the bottom of the current page. To speed up processing, please have the measurements and item numbers available to identify the glass plate(s) you need. You will find this information in the assembly instructions for your particular greenhouse.


6. What can I do to protect my greenhouse during extreme weather conditions (snow, stormy weather, etc.)?

It is difficult to protect yourself 100% against storm-force or hurricane-force winds.

The surest way is to choose a strategic position for your greenhouse in advance. Preferably in the “lee” of other buildings, trees or garden structures that can help to “break” the direction of the wind and create “blind angles” where the wind does not directly blast the greenhouse.

We have found that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the biggest factor in how well the greenhouse can weather a storm is its position. That applies no matter what model of greenhouse you have.

It could also be a good idea to reinforce the frames of your greenhouse with additional bracing. If you would like more information about this, you are welcome to contact Juliana customer service either by completing the form at the bottom of the current page or by phoning tel.: +45 66 11 18 11.


7. Can I have my greenhouse assembled for me?

Yes, you can certainly opt for assembly as an additional purchase. This is agreed and invoiced directly with Juliana Drivhuse A/S.

Please contact our customer service on tel. +45 6611 1811 or by completing the form under "Customer Service", stating in the message which order you are referring to in order to help us progress the planning.

Alternatively, you can order the same services online – see the Juliana Greenhouse Centre online shop for more details.

When the approved Juliana fitters arrive, the site must be level and accessible. There must be access to water, power and a WC, and the customer must be present in order to agree the exact location. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the subsoil is unobstructed to ensure that the fitter does not cause any damage to power, water or gas lines or sewage conduits, etc.

If the fitter will also be assembling a purchased base, it is a prerequisite that any holes required for assembly can be made without obstruction. If any additional work is involved, e.g. digging out roots, large stones or building rubble, this will be billed at a fixed hourly rate.

If the greenhouse is to be mounted against a wall and sealed with caulk, this is not included in the price stated for assembly, but must be agreed separately.

If there are any additional travel expenses resulting from the site not being ready for assembly, this will also be invoiced subsequently.

Juliana Drivhuse A/S will not reinstate any paving, etc., dug up in connection with assembly.

Packaging will be left on the site. The fitter can dispose of the packaging for an agreed extra charge.

At the completion of the assembly process, the customer must be present to review the assembly with the fitter. This process concludes with a signed handover documentation.

See also our terms and conditions of sale and supply.


8. Can I buy additional downpipes for Juliana Compact?

It is possible to buy additional downpipes for your Compact. Please contact a Juliana retailer/dealer to place your order.


9. Do the automatic window openers work on all Juliana greenhouses, and are they frost tolerant?

All three automatic window openers in the Juliana range fit all greenhouses except Classic and Veranda.

You can order automatic window openers from a Juliana retailer/dealer.


10. For which Juliana greenhouses can you buy an add-on cresting?

Cresting is available for the Compact, Premium, Gardener or Orangery models.

You can order cresting from a Juliana retailer/dealer.

- 08. august 2017 -

1. Will I receive track & trace details in connection with delivery?

When we have received your order from the Juliana retailer/dealer where you made the purchase, we send an e-mail and/or text message to confirm where you can find details of the dispatch date.

Standard greenhouses are usually delivered within eight working days.

Prior to delivery, we will also send you e-mail and/or text message notification. The notification will provide track & trace details so you can see the progress of your order. Our terms and conditions of sale and supply give more details about receiving goods from Juliana Drivhuse A/S.


2. What does it cost to have a Juliana greenhouse delivered?

When you buy a greenhouse or orangery from one of our retailers/dealers and it is delivered direct from our warehouse, there is no additional charge for delivery.

However, there may be delivery charges if you buy a greenhouse or orangery sold from the retailer’s/dealer’s own stock.


3. What do I do if there is something missing from the delivery or if the goods have been damaged?

When you receive the goods, it is very IMPORTANT that you check whether the number of packages in the delivery agrees with the dispatch note, and that the goods appear to be complete. Once the goods have been unloaded, they are the buyer’s responsibility, and you have seven days to file any claim against the haulier. If, at the time of unloading, you ascertain or suspect damage in transit, you can receive the goods but sign the consignment note with a caveat.

If you are not home at the time of receiving the goods, please contact our customer service as soon as possible and in plenty of time before expiry of the deadline so that we can file a claim against the haulier.

If, contrary to expectation, one or more packages is missing, please get in touch with our customer service on tel.: +45 6611 1811 or
e-mail: mail@juliana.com. You can also get in touch with customer service in writing; please see the bottom of the current page.


4. Should I expect any delays in connection with delivery?

Unfortunately, under exceptional circumstances, deliveries are sometimes late or postponed. We do all we can to minimise the occurrence of delays, but in certain cases this is unavoidable.

Any delays initiated by Juliana Drivhuse A/S do not give rise to any entitlement to compensation for the customer. See also our terms and conditions of sale and supply.

Any delay on the part of the customer does not result in additional costs unless a fitter has to make a wasted journey.

In such a case, the number of hours wasted plus travel costs will be invoiced.


5. Is there a warranty on Juliana greenhouses and orangeries?

Juliana Drivhuse A/S gives a 12-year warranty on its greenhouses, excluding glass and polycarbonate.

For more information on what the warranty covers, please refer to the assembly guide for the greenhouse in question. The Danish Sale of Goods Act applies in addition.

See also our terms and conditions of sale and supply.


6. Can I return Juliana products?

If you wish to return part or all of your purchase, you may do so provided that the goods are undamaged, they are returned in their original packaging and no attempt has been made to assemble the goods.

Non-standard goods cannot be returned. The customer is responsible for arranging and paying for return freight. See also our terms and conditions of sale and supply.

- 08. august 2017 -

Once the goods have been received, it is important to check for damage in transit.
Any damage in transit must be reported within seven days, as that is the deadline imposed by the haulier. After that, it is not possible to have any damage in transit covered by the haulier.


If it is ascertained that parts of the delivery are missing (missing packages), please contact the Juliana customer centre on tel.: +45 6611 1811 or by e-mail: mail@juliana.com.

If, contrary to expectation, any parts are missing in the individual boxes/packages, you may contact Juliana customer service either by calling +45 6611 1811 or by completing the form at the bottom of the current page and selecting “I wish to file a complaint”.

We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

The same applies to ordering spare parts. Once you have correctly completed the form at the bottom of the current page (remember to select “I want to order spare parts”) and submitted it digitally, Juliana will send a quotation for approval, after which the order will be expedited.

Spare parts are invoiced directly with Juliana Drivhuse A/S.