Assembly guide

How to assemble a greenhouse

Assembling and erecting a greenhouse is a job for “do-it-yourselfers”.
Or you can choose to pay extra to have your greenhouse assembled by Juliana. Assembly prices are listed on the individual product pages here on our website and in Juliana’s brochure.

If you choose to assemble the greenhouse yourself, you should plan to spend two or three days assembling a “normal/standard” greenhouse. It is advisable to be realistic in planning your assembly process.

For instance, you have to cast the cement for the base and anchor legs on an even, smooth and level surface and then wait for the cement to dry before assembling the rest of the greenhouse.

Juliana has prepared a visual guide for this process to help you to assemble your new Juliana Greenhouse. For best results, closely follow the assembly instructions enclosed with the greenhouse, and supplement them with this guide.

You can also watch our assembly videos   

The guide is based on the following three phases of the assembly process:

1. Establishing the base

2. Assembling the frame

3. Glazing with glass or polycarbonate

The guide is based on a standard, square greenhouse, but the same principles basically apply to all greenhouses.